YEE Family Portraits (12-in-1) 500g Filter BIO Media

৳ 850.00

  • 12 types media
  • High-efficiency culture
  • Super permeable
  • Decompose toxins
  • Filter water
  • Scientific ratio
  • Independent net bag

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 YEE Family Portraits 12 filter BIO media are selected to create the original ecological water quality.


  1. – Strong adsorption capacity, stable and purifying water quality. A variety of materials are highly absorbent natural materials, which will not cause water shocks while purifying water
  2. – The cultivation area is large and easy to cultivate. A variety of microporous structure bacteria house filter materials, the cultivation area is larger provides high efficiency of cultivation.
  3. – Decompose harmful substances and keep the water healthy. Decompose ammonia nitrogen in the water, remove nitrate and prevent reduction.
  4. – Rich in mineral elements, attract fish body color. Abundant mineral trace elements, activate water molecules, increase the oxygen content in the water, and promote cell metabolism.
  5. – Neutral filter





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