SunSun HW-702B Aquarium UV Sterilizer Canister Filter 75-gal

৳ 9,500.00

• External Filter for Aquarium up to 400l
• Integrated UV-Unit with 9 w UVc-Bulb
• Separate Switch for UV Unit
• Pump Flow 1000 l/h at 24 Watt
• 3 Filter Stages incl. Filter Materials
• max. Delivery Height 1,4 m
• wear-free ceramic shaft
• New, Improved Design

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Keep your aquarium clean and clear with the SunSun HW-702B Aquarium Canister Filter with UV Sterilizer. Built for tanks up to 75 gallons, it comes with three removable trays that allow you to combine mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration agents for extremely efficient and thorough filtering of your tank water. It also has a spray-bar to help increase oxygen aeration levels and an ultraviolet sterilizer to help eliminate algae and harmful microorganisms. 

Key Benefits

  • Outside canister filters tank up to 75 gallons with mechanical, biological, and chemical filter agents.
  • Maintains healthy oxygen levels in your tank by aerating with a built-in spray-bar.
  • Helps eliminate algae, cloudiness, and harmful microorganisms like parasites with built-in UV sterilizer.
  • Hose and variously sized connectors are included for a convenient and easy setup.
  • Cleaning it is easy with the drip-free shut-off tap; filters water at a rate of 265 gallons per hour.


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