RUIFINE Iodine | 500ml

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  • Helps the immune function of fish
  • Enhance the metabolic rate of invertebrates
  • Increase the density of coral and zooxanthellae

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The level of iodine level in the aquarium can be maintained more steadily.

Adjust the immune function of fish and stimulate its own resistance to disease. Enhance the metabolic rate of invertebrates and increase the density of coral and zooxanthellae. It maintains a moderate amount of iodide, which can make the purple blue coral color superior. It contains the adjustment formula, so that iodide can be quickly absorbed by the organism.

It contains no chemical impurities, no nitrates, nitrites, phosphates and other pollutants.

Standard dosage: add 30 ml per 100L water, once a week. When adding, please add it slowly to the rapid current area.

Titration dosage: Iodine with 10 ml can make 100L water increase 0.01PPM of the iodide level.

Example: Assuming that there is 200L net water in the vat, firstly test the current content ofI in the cylinder, then stop adding any additives for 48 hours, later test the I content again, and the calculated consumption is 0.02PPM, the daily loss is 0.022=0.01PPM. Then add 20ml of iodine water every day.

Note: Reference value:I=0.03-0.06ppm. Please shake well before use.



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