RUIFINE Calcium | 500ml

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  • Maintains calcium ion content
  • Boost coral growth

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The level of calcium ion content in the aquarium can be maintained more steadily.

Precise equilibrium ratio is carried out according to the proportion of trace elements in the coral reef seawater.

It won’t actively affect the pH value of water. Avoid strike, causing widespread casualties. It contains no chemical impurities, no nitrates, nitrites, phosphates and other pollutants.

Standard dosage: add 10 ml per 200L water, once a week.
If there is a larger demand for bio-calcium in the vat, it can be adjusted to add 5 ml per 200L water, once a day, after turning off the lights. Please add it with the interval of more than one hour with other additives.

Titration dosage: Calcium with 25 ml can make 100L water increase 10PPM of the calcium ion level.

Example: Assuming that there is 200L net water in the vat, firstly test the current content of Ca in the cylinder, then stop adding any additives for 48 hours, later test the Ca’s content again, and the calculated consumption is 20PPM, the daily loss is 20 2 = 10PPM. Then add 50ml of calcium water every day.



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