QANVEE Gravel Cleaner Water Exchanger Vacuum Aquarium Maintenance Tool

৳ 888.00

  • Model E – 600
  • Pipe Size 9mmID / 12mm OD 12mmID / 16mm OD
  • Adjustable pipe length 39 to 45 cm 45 to 59cm
  • 1 set of Gravel cleaner and 1.8meter hose
  • Suitable for Tank size smaller than 60cm and larger than 60cm
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Qanvee Gravel Water Exchanger help in maintenance job to clean gravel and water change for your aquarium. You may also adjust the pipe length up to desired length.

  • Easier to clean gravel part in your aquarium
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Adjustable pipe length
  • Durable material

*** You can add on Vacuum Cleaner Head to extend the lenght and more easy in cleaning substrate layer.


Place the gravel cleaner pipe part inside the tank as the picture.
Place the hose part inside a barrel. [ Barrel level (at least 50cm) must lower than the aquarium to create pressure different.]
Press the rubber air pocket to create vacuum, hence the water from aquarium will start flow into the barrel.




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