Ocean Free Magna Epsom Salt (600g)

৳ 1,399.00

  • Stress reliever for all fishes.
  • Assists in preventing many common skin and scale diseases.
  • Treats mild dropsy, abdominal bloat
  • Exophthalmos (swelling of the eyes), constipation
  • Helps to maintain osmotic balance in fishes


Ocean Free Magna Epsom Salt is a muscle relaxant that helps to relieve the stress caused by an osmotic imbalance in fishes.

Osmotic balance is important in fishes as it is often the root cause of many diseases such as stomach bloat, mild dropsy and many other chronic diseases.

As Magna salt is an ionic salt, it will increase the ion content in fishes, therefore, care must be given when Magna salt is used in juvenile and small fishes.

  • Do not use this product with antibiotics
  • Always perform a 20% partial water change before treatment
  • For fish with poor appetite or failing appearance, use 3g/litre for 3 days
  • Use 5g/litre for 3 days. Perform partial water changes when the condition of fish improves.
  • For prophylactic/preventative use, 1g/litre will be sufficient.
  • Suitable for use in all cold water and tropical aquariums.


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