Ntlabs Aquarium Swimbladder Treatment 100ml

৳ 1,500.00

  • Swimbladder Medicine
  • Original from UK
  • Highly Concentrated
  • Suitable for Freshwater and Saltwater


Fish use their swimbladder for buoyancy and stability. When it becomes infected with Aeromonasor Pseudomonas bacteria, it can cause stress, which may result in death.

Use when fish become lethargic, have clamped fins, are unstable in the water, hanging at the surface or lying on the bottom.

How to use?

  • Calculate the volume of your aquarium in litres (length x width x depth (in cm)/1000).
  • Mix required dose of treatment with 1 litre of aquarium water.
  • Add slowly to aquarium.
  • Treatment can be repeated 7 days after last dose. If you feel a second dose is required, first check your diagnosis is correct and carry out a 30% partial water change.

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