Ntlabs Aquarium Plant Boost 100ml All in One (Plant Fertilizer)

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  • Provides all trace elements needed by plants
  • Rich in Iron for healthy growth
  • Stimulates sickly plants /maintain healthy plants
  • Suitable for tropical and coldwater aquariums
  • Treats 500 Litres

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NT LABS Aquarium Plant Boost 100ml Plant Fertilizer food provides all the trace elements which are taken out of the water by growing plants, especially iron.

Iron is most important for the healthy growth of aquarium plants. In addition, Plant Boost contains growth hormones to stimulate and encourage even sickly plants into healthy growth.

When to use?: Live plants require light and nutrients to grow. Whilst your aquarium light will provide one element, plants will rapidly consume nutrients from the water. These nutrients must be replaced to ensure your plants continue to grow and thrive.

How to use?:

  • Calculate the volume of your aquarium in liters (Length x Width x Depth (in cm)/1,000).
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly before use.
  • Turn dispenser to unlock, then press down on the pump to dispense.
  • The product works immediately encouraging even sickly plants into healthy growth.


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