NEW 2HR AQUARIST APT COMPLETE All-In-One Fertilizer 200ml

৳ 2,150.00

  • Tackle the most demanding plants.
  • 100% comprehensive macro micro formula of N, P, K, Iron, and Traces.
  • Specially formulated for demanding planted species.
  • Complete 3x Savings
  • The easiest way to unlock the true potential of your planted tank.
  • The 2Hr Aquarist All-In-One Fertiliser.
  • Richer Colors, Less Algae. Faster Results.

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Certain minerals play critical roles in plant growth. Nitrogen for example is one of the central building blocks of plant proteins. Perhaps more importantly, plant growth is hugely tied to the most limiting available nutrient.

This is Justus von Liebig’s (1803-1873) famous Law of the Minimum. Our fertilizers work because Liebig’s Law lies in the heart of our proprietary Capstone Formula.
Painstakingly and perhaps uniquely comprehensive in nutrition, our fertilizers ensure that you no longer have to worry about ’nutrient deficiency’. APT Complete and EI are 100% comprehensive while APT Zero factors in the nitrates & phosphates already present in aqua soil and livestock waste.

Just as important as what plants need is how much they need. APT Complete was crafted based on the study of 2 of the industry’s most respected (and divergent) approaches- Tom Barr’s Estimative Index (EI) and Takashi Amano’s Nature-Style/ADA system. While EI focuses on providing nutrients in excess (and resetting through large weekly water changes), ADA focuses on quality growth at a more moderated pace.

APT Complete takes a middle path. It is a lot more concentrated than ADA to compensate for the ‘everyday / average / normal’ substrate used by most hobbyists but less aggressive than EI. You get everything that EI offers- but just slightly more safely / slowly.

APT Zero allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the ADA approach- unparalleled algae control and the ability to unlock the richest reds in popular plants through nitrate limitation. It should be paired with the use of aqua soil and/or a higher fish load environment.

APT Complete should be the default choice. It provides the optimal balance of nutrition and algae control across a wide range of tank styles. It contains a complete set of nutrients necessary for plant growth and does not require additional supplementation.

APT Zero contains no nitrates and phosphates and should be used if you have a fish population that produces adequate nitrates in the tank (specifically, If your tank measures >10ppm NO3 by end of the week with no fertilizer dosing and water change).

APT Zero can also be used to induce steep nitrate limitation in tanks, which gives the deepest reds in species such as Rotala rotundifolia and Ludwigia arcuata. This approach is usually paired with a rich substrate to prevent long term stunting due to low nitrogen levels. To this end, APT Zero can be used as a replacement for the ADA range of liquid fertilizers (Bright K neutral, Green brightly mineral and Green brightly iron) to a similar effect.

Estimative Index would be your choice if you understand and seek to practice the EI approach to grow plants at a fast speed. EI has the highest risk of runaway algae issues if you have sub-par tank maintenance, sub-optimal CO2 levels, or low plant mass.



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