Mydilab Tension Gon 180ml (Anti-Chlorine)

৳ 750.00

  • Removes Chlorine & Chloramine
  • Neutralizes Ammonia Heavy Metal
  • Inhibit Nitrite accumulation in fish.
  • Vitamin B as anti-stress
  • Replaces lost and damaged protective slime coats.


“Tensiongon” as its name will eliminate the tension instantly”Ages” water Harmful chemical and heavy metal will be neutralized. It is enriched with a plant extract that will form a synthetic coat on the fish to prevent the loss of essential electrolytes that will promote the healing and regeneration of damaged fish tissue and protects the mucus membrane of the fish against infection, scrapes, and cuts during transportation.

Use Whenever: Changing water(<50%): 10ml treat 200L (52 U.S. gallons)of water

Changing water (≥50%): 10ml treat 150L (39 U.S. gallons)of water

Setting up the new tank: 10ml treat 100L (26 U. S gallons) of water

When introducing new fish: 10m treat 200L (52 U.S. gallons)of water

When transporting or handling fish: 1ml treat 2L (0.5 U.S. gallons)of water

*Treatment should be done before adding new water


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