Madagascar Rainbowfish

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Distribution Madagascar
Sexual Dimorphism In mature fish, the males display more colourful unpaired fins, whereas the females are fuller-bodied.
Maximum Size 10 cm (3.9″)
Temperature 23-29 deg C (73-84 deg F)
Water Parameters Soft and slightly acidic. pH: 5.0-7.0, dH: up to 15 degrees.
Compatibility Community
Lighting Dim-medium (brighter lighting can be used if diffused by plants)

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Madagascar Rainbowfish are best cared for in a 30-gallon tank with slightly alkaline hard water. These fishes are usually found in Madagascar and come with a rainbow hue on their body. You can pet them with other quiet fish. They extend up to 5.9 inches and live for 5-11 years.



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