LST Aqua CO2 Dual Gauge Color Regulator (Superior)

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  • Name: CO2 Regulator
  • Material: Aluminum alloy acrylic
  • Material: Hard aluminum alloy
  • Color: Silver;Blue
  • Size: 15.5×13.5cm
  • Cable length:about 1.4m
  • Connector: G5/21.8
  • Voltage: 220V

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1. Dual Small Gauges, accurate control of pressure in and out.

2. High Precision Low power consumption Solenoid Valve.

3. Made of hard aluminum alloy, surface spraying treated.

4. Fine-tuning knob with knurl.

5. Bubble Counter And Tools Included! Together with the bubble counter, you can read your co2 flow rate.

6. Bubble counter with check valve function, stop water backflow to bottle.


Package Includes:
1 x Double Display Valve Gauge
1 x 220V Standard Solenoid Valve
1 x Fine-Tuning Valve
1 x Bubble Counter with Check Valve Function
2 x Install Tools


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