HYGGER 6-IN-1 Aquarium Cleaning Tools (High Quality)

৳ 1,500.00

  • Ideal for cleaning a home aquarium
  • Removing algae
  • Keeping your tank crystal clean
  • Made of premium material that is handy and long-lasting
  • Quality Guaranteed.

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Hygger 6-in-1 cleaning tool kit helps to keep tank neat and clean by removing out algae, slime, and debris without getting hands wet. Made to last a long time and makes cleaning the tank a breeze.

  • Aquarium cleaning tool kit includes a telescoping handle, 1 gravel rake, 1 metal blade, 1 flat sponge cleaner, 1 right-angle sponge, 1 tube brush, and 1 fishnet.
  • Stainless steel algae scraper attachment for tough algae removal on glass tanks, tube brush for cleaning the pipe, gravel rake for raking and cleaning gravel, flat sponge helps remove strong soiling, right-angle sponge fits into hard-to-reach corners for complete cleaning.
  • Telescopic handle Premium carbon fiber composite construction, it can be extended from 19.7 inches to 35.4 inch which is long enough to clean up to 2.65 ft depth tank. Threads together with extension tightly no flexing, it can prevent water go into a pole.
  • Designed with special snap closure, attachments will sit tightly on rod safely and securely. Ideal for cleaning home aqua


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