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  • Concentrated Biological Aquarium Cleaner for Salt Water
  • Promotes a Clean, Clear and Healthy Aquarium
  • Eliminates Foul Odors and Improves Water Clarity
  • Bacteria Rapidly Digest Waste
  • Reduces and Simplifies Maintenance

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FritzZyme MONSTER 460 is a powerful, concentrated probiotic blend of naturally-occurring, environmentally-friendly, live saltwater-specific heterotrophic bacteria capable of digesting organic sludge common in aquariums.

FritzZyme MONSTER 460 has been specially formulated to handle the organic waste produced by “monster” fish, including puffers, sharks, rays, grouper, eels, lionfish, angelfish, etc., as well as heavily-stocked tanks. Sludge includes fish waste, leftover food, and other decaying organic matter. Using FritzZyme MONSTER 460 as part of a regular maintenance program, along with gravel vacuuming and water changes, will greatly reduce aquarium care and prolong filter media life. The bacteria in FritzZyme MONSTER 460 are safe, non-toxic and non-pathogenic.


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