Fish Tank Spotlight 8W LED With Remote

৳ 1,990.00


Product Name

LED fish tank bracket light



Cast aluminum





Type of Lamp-house

Warm light/white light/natural light
Item No.
Three-color adjustable spotlight

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Dimming and color mixing South American fish tank spotlight led fish tank light viewing landscape.


High-performance LED light source

Energy-saving, environmental protection, power saving. The lighting effect is good, can be adjusted at will, and the brightness can be given from multiple angles.

Convex mirror design Convex lens design, the light is farther, the lens with a beam angle of 12 makes the light gathering effect better, the color is more transparent, and the range is longer
720° direction adjustment The lamp body can be adjusted in any direction according to your requirements. As long as the light is adjusted to different angles to illuminate the cultured objects in the aquarium, it will create a colorful scene and achieve a charming visual effect


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