Dr.TANK Aquarium Nitrifying Bacteria Ball Purifying Agent

৳ 750.00

  • Contains natural biological species, will not harm the living body in the water
  • Sinking into the bed will naturally disintegrate, will not cause turbidity of the fish tank
  • Promote active bacteria
  • Improve water quality and regulate NO2 and NO3
  • Good for use in BioFloc Project.

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Dr.TANK aquarium nitrifying bacteria ball microbial ball aquarium nitrifying bacteria water quality stabilizer water purifying agent.


1. The newly used aquarium needs to add two nitrifying bacteria balls within one week to establish a nitrification system in the water.
2. After the nitrification system is established, it is added once a week to stabilize the nitrification system.
3. Water quality deterioration can be doubled
4, 50-liter fish tank can be placed once a week, 1 each time




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