Dophin CF-600UV External Canister Filter

৳ 6,999.00

  • Tank Size Up to 2ft
  • Watt 20W
  • Max Output 650 L/H
  • UV Power: 5watt
  • Easy To Adjust Flow
  • Filter Media: White Wool x 1
  • Hose 2 Length: 100cm each
  • Inlet Diameter 12mm
  • Outlet Diameter 12mm
  • Dimension 20cm x 19.5cm x 24.5cm

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Dophin CF-600UV is a powerful external canister filter for medium tanks, plant tanks, shrimp aquariums, and marine aquariums. The filter is suitable for both sea water and fresh water tanks.

  • Self-priming system.
  • Provide superior water quality.
  • Quick and easy disconnect system.
  • Mechanical, biological, and sterilization systems.
  • Comes with UV light to eliminate bacteria, viruses and to reduce algae, green water.
  • Suitable for freshwater & saltwater.


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