DIY CO2 Generator System Kit + Air Flow Adjustment

৳ 1,999.00

  • Color: as shown
  • Material: aluminum alloy copper
  • Water type: all water types
  • Size(approx.): 20 X 12 X 5cm
  • Package included:
    1PC * CO2 Generator
    1PC * Instruction Manual
  • Not Included Bottles

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DIY CO2 Generator System Kit Air Flow Adjustment is the best solution for CO2 generation in a small planted tank.

1. Simple design, the main body for aluminum alloy hard oxidation treatment.
2. Strong and not aging, internal design carefully, completely avoid aging bottle cap.
3. Accuracy adjustment. Selected the needle mouth fine-tuning of copper material.
4. When safety mouth pressure greater than 4KG, automatic pressure relief, drink bottle pressure 8kg.

Add raw materials, connect the generator to the bottle,
Start the reaction to generate carbon dioxide.






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