DENNERLE Power Tabs Root Fertilizer 30 Piece

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  • Special root fertilizers act for extra of growing power.
  • Targeted nutrient add directly to roots
  • With Iron And Manganese for sheet Farbstarke
  • Ideal as starting aid and re-fertilizer
  • Root Active

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Dennerle PowerTabs for the best possible growth: leaf and root fertilization. Most aquarium plants can only take in nutrients through their leaves and roots. Differences apply according to plant species, however. Some species of plants prefer to take in nutrients via the surfaces of their leaves, while others favor intake from the ground or bed through their roots. The latter category includes many strong-rooted plants such as the popular sword plants or great water plantains (Echinodorus) and water trumpets (Cryptocoryne) Such species require a nutrient-rich bed. Nutrient deficiencies are manifested by stunted growth, pale leaves, glassy leaves and yellowing of the veins or the entire surfaces of leaves. For the best possible growth, they are reliant on regular leaf fertilization and – at longer intervals – specific root fertilization.

Dennerle PowerTabs supply aquarium plants with all the important nutrients that they require for healthy, lush growth – ideal for species with strong roots. All nutrient elements are contained indirectly plant-available form with immediate and long-term effects. Valuable trace elements such as iron, magnesium, and manganese provide for rich green leaves. Red coloring and attractive leaf markings are intensified. Natural clay minerals serve as nutrient buffers. These keep the nutrients in the bed, directly at the plant’s roots. This means that Dennerle PowerTabs does not promote algae growth. Dennerle PowerTabs ensure good root formation and powerful growth for newly set plants right from the start. They activate root formation, enabling the plants to quickly establish a firm hold in the substrate. In older aquaria with depleted nutrient supplies, Dennerle PowerTabs replenish the bed’s nutrient reserves. Deficiency symptoms are eradicated and the plants are given a fresh lease of life.

Dosage of Dennerle PowerTabs:
As a booster for new plants and for complementary fertilization: depending on the size of plants, press 1-2 Dennerle PowerTabs as deep as possible into the root area of the plants. Depending on the species of plants, the nutrient depot will be sufficient for 6-12 months.


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