CO2 Set Aquarium Professional (3L/(G Bottle)

৳ 6,500.00

In the box with the set you will find:
1. Co2 Mufan/LST reducer with solenoid valve
2. Co2 diffuser
3. Drop Cylinder Checked
4. Hose (3m)
5. Co2 cylinder iron refilled
6. The wrench to screw the reducer


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CO2 Set Aquarium Professional is a high-quality product, designed from the beginning to the end especially for the aquarium. It is characterized by an extraordinary precision dose of CO2, and the structure using a proven solution.

The solenoid valve connected to the timer / Computer pH will automatically ON / OFF administration of CO2. Dosage set so ensures a safe level of CO2 in water – especially at night, when the plants do not receive the same atoms and the pH drops.

Aquario Drop Checker (glass test solid Co2) to be placed in an aquarium and which continuously monitors the level of carbon dioxide in water and an appropriate signal is coloration.


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