Chihiros WRGB2 60CM Light Smart APP+Bluetooth

৳ 14,500.00

  • True aquatic grow light
  • Inside Bluetooth module
  • True full spectrum aquarium lights
  • Spectral coverage area 400-700nm
  • Providing the necessary light and color for healthy growth
  • Provide sufficient brightness and realistic colors
  • Optimize the configuration to ensure the healthy growth
  • With 4 colors, can be controlled in 4 chancel

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Chihiros WRGB2 Water Plant grow LED light APP Bluetooth controller smart ADA style sunrise sunset aquarium.

How to program the light using App:
Install Chihiros Magic app
Connect with Smart Controller and Chihiros Light and power on adapter
Open app to search and connect the device through Bluetooth
Setting your owner timer program of sunrise and sunset


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