Chihiros Doctor 3 Aquarium Algae Remover 3-in-1 Touch Sterilizer

৳ 4,999.00

  • Inhibit green algae and promote plants growth
  • Inhibit phytoplankton initial growth and reproduction.
  • Kill the crustacean pathogenic bacteria
  • Depend on strong sterilization capabilities effectively kill pathogens
  • Safe because of coexistence with filter bacteria
  • Compared to UV sterilizer, Chihiros DOCTOR does not work steadily so regenerating and recovery of filter bacteria is rapid.
  • ALC program is intelligent management algorithm


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Chihiros Doctor 3 Aquarium Algae Remover Sterilizer Twinstar Style Electronic Inhibit Cleaning Tools Aquarium Accessories.



1. Control the operation of Chihiros Doctor through the APP.

2. Maintaining functions of restraining and suppressing algae growth, promoting growth of aquatic plants, protection for fish and

3. Constant elimination of pathogenic bacteria and precaution of biological diseases, etc

4. Prevent and inhibit diseases and algae formation at startup and over the aquarium life

The new Chihiros Doctor has integrated 3 application covering usage of aquatic plants, fish and shrimp keeping into only a single
Doctor device

Covering up to 90% aquarium sizes in the market, hence reducing cost of spending and offers greater convenience to take care of
the aquarium



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