BIOZYM Betta Food Color Enhencer Staple Diet (60g)

৳ 450.00

  • For desired growth and enhanced colours of bettas
  • Ingredients:
    • Soya, Fish, Krill and Grains Crude Protein > 38%
    • Crude Fat > 6%
    • Fiber < 6%
    • Ash <= 5%
    • Calcium 3%
    • Amino Acid => 2%
    • Moisture 10

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Natural Raw Material Bucket Lamp Fish Feed Sinking Small Ornamental Fish Food

Betta lamp fish feed Suitable for: betta fish and meat-loving fish Specification: 150 ml Retention period :2 years Feeding method: several times a day, a small amount each time is better Main ingredients: fish protein, krill powder, cereals, various minerals and vitamins.


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