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  • Replenish Potassium Magnesium Calcium
  • Keeps plant healthy and boost plant growth
  • Limits the algae growth as it has no nitrogen or phosphorus residue

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AQUATIC REMEDIES K replenishes the necessary minerals required for plant perfect growth.

  • Regular use of RO water also causes depletion of macro minerals such as magnesium and calcium.
  • The application of K replenishes these minerals required for plant growth. Potassium deficiency leads to yellowing of leaves, especially at leaf edges & common in younger leaves, and also develop dead or yellow patches on leaves.
  • Manganese deficiency leads to yellow spots and elongated holes between plant veins.
  • K limits algae growth as it has no nitrogen or phosphorus residue.

2ml per 100 liter daily or 10ml per 100 liters bi-weekly two times.



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