Aquadine General Aid Special 200ML

৳ 499.00

  • Fish ich,
  • Sore spots,
  • Fin rot,
  • Torn fins,
  • Mouth and body fungus.

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Aquadine General Aid Special is the newly developed German fish medicine used as a cure and as a general prevention for all common fish diseases like ich, sore spots, fin rot, torn fins, mouth and body fungus.

It is widely used in fish farm, hatcheries, and by exporters and importers to cut down mortality rates during transit.


  • 1 capfull of medicine to 8 gallons of water.
  • 1 cu ft. of water = 6.2 gallon
  • 2’ tank, 2 capfull medicine
  • 2.5’ tank, 4 capfull medicinne
  • 3’ tank, 6 capfull medicine
  • 4’ tank, 8 capfull medicine


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