Amazon Soil Aquarium Plant Premium Mud

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  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Item Type: Aquarium Accessory
  • Material: Mud
  • Color: As Pictures Show
  • Content: 1000g/Bag
  • Function: for water grass/plants growth
  • Bag Size: Approx. 22 * 16 * 3cm / 8.7 * 6.2 * 1.1inch
  • Weight: Approx. 1025g

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Aquarium Soil Fish Tank Bottom Water Grass Seeds Plant Sand Mud Substrate Premium Soil.

1. No need to wash before use, otherwise it will lead to the water grass mud into powder.
2. Please lay the mud evenly in the bottom of the tank, lower in front and higher in the back of the tank, which can help to make the water plant has a three-dimensional effect.
3. Please inject the water slightly in case of impacting the water grass mud.
4. When plant the water grass, please keep the mud dip in the water.
5. After finish planting the grass, please inject the water slightly into the tank.
6. If the water becomes muddy, please pump the water out and inject clear water slightly again.
7. Please use activated carbon to speed up the clarification of water quality if need after adjusting the fish tank.

Mud Using Amount:
Fish Tank Size: Less Than 30cm / 11.8inch—-Water Capacity: About 10L—-Amount of Mud: 2-5kg
Fish Tank Size: 30-45cm / 11.8-17.7inch—-Water Capacity: About 20L—-Amount of Mud: 6-7kg
Fish Tank Size: 45cm / 17.7inch—-Water Capacity: 35L—-Amount of Mud: 7-8kg
Fish Tank Size: 60cm / 23.6inch—-Water Capacity: 56L—-Amount of Mud: 9-10kg
Fish Tank Size: 90cm / 35.4inch—-Water Capacity: 157L—-Amount of Mud: 20-25kg

Package Included:
1 x Bag of Aquarium Mud


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