50g Antimicrobial Disease Fish Treatment Powder

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  • Material: powder
  • Application: Goldfish, Tropical Fish, Sea Fish
  • Main Indications: abdominal swelling, dropsy, inflammation of the fins congestion,
  • enteritis, anorexia, do not love swimming and so on.
  • Color: As pictures shown
  • Size: Height: 6.5cm
  • Bottom Diameter:4cm
  • Quantity: 1 Bottle(50g)

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How to use:
1, each 100 kg water add half bottle cap of this medicine or 1 table, chopped and dissolved in water or directly into the water, the serious condition can add medicine appropriately, during the medication to stop feeding
Melt with warm water and keep taking it for 3 days.
2,Stop feeding during medication.

【Indications】rot skin disease, enteritis, edema, bacterial infection
#: Kanamycin
【Indications】rotten tail, rotten fin, traumatic infection, suppurative infection
#: Gentamicin
【Indications】 viral hemorrhage disease, pox disease, fleshy skin disease, bacterial rotten gills, unfinished, Vibrio bacteria, scales, and other ornamental fish disease legislation.


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