24″ VIVAGROW DN60 DayNight RGB Full Spectrum light

৳ 4,500.00

  • Super bright and energy-efficient 0.50 watt 6500K LEDs
  • RGB LEDs are three chips in one allowing user customization
  • 24-hour cycle pre-programmed to simulate day to night cycles
  • 4x customizable color modes and memory slots
  • 4x pre-set weather modes
  • Sleek and Modern razor design
  • Brackets add 1.00″ in height
  • At least 1″ clearance required on both sides of the fixture
  • Splash guard and water resistance

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VivaGrow DayNight RGB 24/7 LED Aquarium Light New and updated for 2020. The DN series offers a variety of customization features. Notable upgrades are the ability to customize the day and night cycles, extendable brackets, and higher grade LED chips.

The Day and Night cycles mimic what mother nature offers to all wildlife. The autocycle mode begins with an early dawn glow and transitions into a warmer energizing sunrise morning. It is continued with an intense color blazing high noon and follows with scaling down to a red sun drowned sunset. The cycle finishes with a starry night blue moonlight. The cycle will repeat automatically by itself in real-time. Users are now able to customize each cycle with their preferred setting of spectrum and intensity.


  • Model:VivaGrow DN60
  • Input:AC100-240V
  • Output:DC15V 2A
  • LED bulb:0.5W*40 0.2W*20
  • LED bulb setting:Daylight 40 pcs. R/G/B 20 pcs.
  • ​Lumen:2200
  • Dimensions:60*9.5*3cm
  • Fit for aquariums 60-62cm


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